Laboratory Equipment and Supplies Procurement Service Provider Tender Announcement

Our company, Chinese Academy of Sciences Hong Kong Institute of Science and Innovation Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Health Innovation Limited (CRMH), is a research institution established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Hong Kong. Our mission is to promote scientific research, technological innovation, and educational development on a non-profit basis.


To meet the research needs of our research center, our company plans to procure laboratory equipment and supplies for regenerative medicine and chemistry experiments. We now invite procurement service providers with relevant experience to participate in the bidding. The basic requirements are as follows:


Capable of assuming civil liabilities independently and registered as a company in Hong Kong.


Sufficient resources, including financial capabilities, supporting business and management personnel, and good credit ratings.


Ability and experience in providing comprehensive procurement implementation plans and problem-solving.


Experience in project management and service for the procurement of laboratory equipment and supplies for relevant research institutions and domestic and international scientific research institutions.


Our company invites all qualified companies to participate in the bidding.


Please email our representative, Eddie Ching (, and copy Florence Cheung ( to request bidding documents by August 24, 2023, or earlier.


Late submissions will not be accepted.